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Reinventing Home

BlackStone, drawing upon decades of residential development experience in multiple real estate markets, stands as a distinguished developer in the Homes For Rent sector. Set apart from the myriad of new entrants to Homes For Rent, BlackStone has developed an impressive portfolio of master-planned developments. Our processes and unique approach to design and execution generate unusual returns on capital and a very differentiated living experience for our residents. Our development philosophy, honed over several decades, has always focused on enduring capital growth and long-term happy residents.



BlackStone maintains an impressive pipeline of land inventory for Homes For Rent development opportunities in multiple markets across the country. This results from decades-long involvement with master-planned residential developments. Our principals have been involved with master-planned communities their entire careers across multiple markets, totaling thousands of acres of development.  This distinguished legacy in community development sets BlackStone apart within the Homes For Rent development community. Two representative current projects are located within two of our mixed-use developments in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Corpus Christi, Texas. Each embodies our unwavering and passionate commitment to quality, innovation, and dynamic economic returns.

Scereno Village

Tulsa, OK

BlackStone is building 50 Homes For Rent units in one of our mixed use communities, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Scereno is a captivating mainstreet village located on a bustling thoroughfare in Tulsa. Drawing inspiration from early American development patterns, it offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. The village features a small, innovative Built-to-Rent component, showcasing our groundbreaking approach to Homes For Rent. This component seamlessly integrates with the overall design, offering residents a unique living experience that combines the charm of a small village with the convenience of urban living.

Barisi Village

Corpus Christi, TX

BlackStone is building 100 Homes For Rent units in our mixed-use village project in the booming town of Corpus Christi, Texas. Barisi is a large-scale Mediterranean-style village situated near the Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus. Its design captures the essence of Mediterranean charm while offering modern amenities. A key feature of Barisi is its innovative Built-to-Rent component, which showcases our unique approach to Homes For Rent. This component is harmoniously integrated into the village, offering residents a living experience that combines the tranquility of a Mediterranean village with the vibrancy of a university town.

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Homes For Rent demand is driven largely by a perfect storm of macro factors: a rapidly growing demand for more privacy in multifamily rental housing and a lack of affordable homeownership options.


In addition to these consumer drivers, the following factors are also enabling the expansion of BTR:


The Homes For Rent Market


Municipal Preference

Homes For Rent Communities develop a lower density, quality development that appeals to municipalities

Capital Availability

Institutional capital is increasingly interested in the Homes For Rent sector



Access to Agency Financing for stabilized properties is rapidly enhancing liquidity and exit valuations


Increase in average cost of mortgage debt. This increase leads directly to decreased qualification ability for first-time buyers.


Increase in average home price in Texas in the past 5 years.


The share of renters in Texas in 2023. The highest share of renters in Texas since 1965.


​The homeownership rate in the Texas in 2023. The lowest homeownership rate in the Texas since 2007.



The growing popularity of Homes For Rent housing is fueled by a trend towards renting over homeownership, a scarcity of affordable housing options, and demographic changes affecting the housing market. Our Homes For Rent model addresses these shifts with a unique housing option that combines the benefits of single-family homes with the convenience and amenities of apartment living. This high-quality, affordable, and community-centric approach to housing opens doors for various demographics, notably including:

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"We’re in the first inning of [Homes For Rent]. There are almost 12 million households who rent and we think [Homes For Rent] has a long runway ahead of us."

JOHN BURNSJohn Burns Research and Consulting

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Expertise in Every Facet of Development and Delivery

BlackStone Communities' unique systems and experiences ensure consistency across communities, resulting in better execution and higher returns. Our viewpoint and execution sets us apart, delivering top-notch experiences for residents, not just places to live for a while.

The BlackStone Model

The BlackStone Model represents our holistic approach to the Homes For Rent sector. Rooted in our extensive history in community development, this model is a natural extension of our philosophy, addressing the evolving needs of our customers. It's grounded in four key principles, forming the cornerstone of our approach and ensuring that our communities are thoughtfully crafted to create lasting value.

J1020721 Large.jpeg


We believe that creating communities that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable is not only good for the planet, but also for our customers and stakeholders.


We strive to incorporate sustainable design principles, materials and technologies in every project we undertake, from planning to construction to operation.


We also seek to engage with the communities where we operate and contribute to their well-being and development. By doing so, we aim to create lasting value for ourselves and for future generations.


We believe that everyone deserves to have a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live and work. We design our projects with the needs of diverse communities in mind, ensuring that they are accessible to people with different abilities, backgrounds and incomes.


We also strive to create economic opportunities for local residents and businesses by partnering with them and supporting their growth. Accessibility is not only a social responsibility, but also a competitive advantage that enables us to deliver high-quality and sustainable solutions for our clients and stakeholders.


We create spaces that enhance the quality of life for our residents and communities. We believe every project should reflect the needs, preferences and aspirations of the people who will live, work and play in our communities.


We strive to design and build environments that are sustainable, accessible, inclusive and innovative. We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work, from planning and design to construction and management.


We deliver projects that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, partners and communities. We adhere to the highest standards of design, construction and sustainability while investing in innovation and technology to enhance our efficiency and quality.


We foster a culture of excellence and accountability among our team members and collaborators. By pursuing high quality in everything we do, we do right by our stakeholders and society.

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