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The principals of BlackStone Communities have developed over $3 billion in real estate assets through multiple real estate cycles. We have delivered over 15,000 single and multifamily home sites across 30 master-planned communities.  We have also developed several commercial projects which include office buildings, office parks, mixed-use developments, retail centers, hospitality assets, two marinas, and two golf courses. Our experience and reputation as a partner and developer have stood the test of time through both difficult and great market conditions.

We are a privately owned community developer with a track record of developing innovative and vibrant places to live, work, and play. We have a history of dev
eloping legacy projects that push the bounds of what is possible.



Jeff Blackard and Ted Stone are the principals of BlackStone Communities, a company that specializes in creating communities combining both traditional architecture and innovative planning, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Blackard and Stone began their decades long friendship and business collaboration early in their careers in Dallas, Texas. Blackard has become one of our country’s most creative and visionary developers of land and residential communities. Stone is an accomplished and seasoned commercial real estate executive who has acquired, developed or capitalized in excess of 5M square feet of commercial space and over 4,000 acres of land.

Blackard and Stone have combined their talents and considerable operational capabilities to build superlative master-planned communities for America's future. Together, they share a passion for creating places that foster community, culture, and quality of life.


Jeffory D. Blackard

Jeffory D. Blackard is a principal of BlackStone Communities. With his distinguished real estate career in its fourth decade, Mr. Blackard is widely considered one of the foremost real estate visionaries of our time. Mr. Blackard’s goal is to revolutionize the design and development world by applying successful historic community characteristics to create a more sustainable and healthier world for future generations. 


Ted Stone, III

Ted Stone is a principal of BlackStone Communities and is responsible for the management and strategic planning of the firm’s business activities.  Stone’s family began developing residential subdivisions and single-family homes in 1955. Stone grew up active in the family’s development business and continued his pursuit of commercial real estate experience at SMU prior to entering the industry full-time. Across several platforms and multiple cycles, Stone has become an accomplished and seasoned commercial real estate executive. He has been involved in the industry since his teens and has acquired, developed, or capitalized in excess of 5M square feet of commercial space and over 4,000 acres of land.



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